When do I need to complete the Research Gift Intake Form?

  • A research gift agreement needs to be drafted

    • A UC Berkeley research gift agreement can be drafted by the UDAR Fund Management team when requested by the donor, to establish new gift terms, and/or to confirm gift intent.

  • Award Letter- A funder sends an award letter regarding a PI's research gift

    • Some of these letters may require an award agreement to be signed by UC Berkeley in order to issue gift payment. Complete the Research Gift Intake Form to collect campus signatures.

  • Research Gift Money- A funder sends money ($500+ for corporations, and $5,000+ for individuals)

    • A new check or wire for a research gift has been received and should be processed and deposited into an existing or new fund.

    • If a gift arrives after you have already submitted an award letter via the form, simply email fundhelp@berkeley.edu to let them know. They will send you updated request fields to connect the new gift with the award letter.

The Research Gift Intake Form​ is used by the UDAR Fund Management and Gift Services teams to review research gift documents and accept the gifts for processing. The form requests the information needed to ensure that a transaction  can be accepted by UC Berkeley as a gift and will comply with relevant University policies and guidelines, as well as IRS rules.