Should I send a chancellor letter?

How do I steward a major gift from a foundation or corporation? Is it the same as stewarding a major gift from an individual donor? When should I send a chancellor letter?

Stewarding corporate and foundation gifts rarely calls for a chancellor letter. It is nearly always at the discretion of the individual fundraiser and/or program director, when one or more of the following criteria is met:

  • The gift amount is $1M+
  • The chancellor and the president of the foundation having met
  • It is meaningful for the chancellor to personally author the letter
If the unit feels it necessary to send a stewardship letter, it is always recommended that it is sent by the director or program lead. The chancellor letter is held to strict standards the require at least one of the above criteria be met. We encourage you to speak with the fundraiser who supports your unit if you are considering this level of stewardship.