What is a research gift?

Research gifts are those directed to a specific research topic or project led and/or managed by a specific principal investigator (PI). While some fundraisers do certainly work on and solicit research gifts, many are brought in directly by faculty. A research gift may come about as the result of a faculty member being invited to submit a proposal to a funder, or even as a result of a faculty member giving a talk. Most, but not all, research gift donors are corporations or foundations. Research gifts differ from other gifts in a few ways:

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What is a gift?

UDAR is the only unit on campus who can accept and sign gifts on behalf of the University of California, Berkeley.

In general, gifts are given with no expectation of anything tangible or intangible in return.

Gifts are motivated by philanthropic intent, i.e., the donor intends to make the donation.

While a donor can give to a specific purpose, including a research project, gifts to research should not include a line item budget and/or the requirement for detailed financial accountability back to the donor....

Should I send a chancellor letter?

How do I steward a major gift from a foundation or corporation? Is it the same as stewarding a major gift from an individual donor? When should I send a chancellor letter?

Stewarding corporate and foundation gifts rarely calls for a chancellor letter. It is nearly always at the discretion of the individual fundraiser and/or program director, when one or more of the following criteria is met:

The gift amount is $1M+ The chancellor and the president of the foundation having met It is meaningful for the chancellor to personally author the letter If the unit feels it necessary to send a stewardship letter, it is always recommended that it is sent by the director or program lead. The chancellor letter is held to strict standards the require at least one of...

How do I distinguish between a gift or a grant?

Visit the Gifts vs. Grants Eureka page here or the Research Office guidelines here

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